Sunday, February 6, 2011

Light and Airy Foundation - Makeup Tip

Ever use liquid foundation and wonder - should I use my fingers?  Should I use a sponge?  And no matter what you do, always feel like it is too thick and not natural?  I know so many gals who won't wear foundation because they are convinced that it just looks like a mask.  It doesn't have to - and foundation is so key to getting a balanced skin tone.  We all have splotches, and are paler in places. 

Well, I have the solution for you!  

I ran across this tip a while back and thought I'd try it.  And I love it!

First, you need a stippling brush like this -

I got mine at Target - A Sonia Kashuk Highlighting Brush.  I love all her brushes - very little shedding and great application.    The special quality of this type of brush, also known as a stippling brush sometimes, is that the white bristles stand up higher and are further apart than the denser black bristles below.  This makes for a very light application of whatever product - be it liquid or powder.

 Can you see a little bit better with this photo? 

 I put the liquid foundation on my hand (I mix 2 shades when I have more of a tan). 

1.  Lightly dip foundation brush into liquid foundation.

2.  DO NOT pour foundation into your brush.

I almost have too much makeup on the brush in this photo.

 3.  Lightly pat brush around face - stipple it on your face just as you would stipple paint on a stencil on a wall.  I'm sure you've seen that.  Lightly lightly tap tap tap all over your face.

4.  This will give you very close to an air-brushed finish.  

5.  You will use much less product than normal. 

6. Use powder to set and you are done!

The wonderful result is a light, airy application, and a very even result.  Nice and sheer, if you desire, or more full coverage.  This gives you FULL control.

I used to be able to use any product I wanted - nowadays, many of my old favorites no longer work well on my skin.  I used to have combination/oily and now I had DRY.....Sahara desert dry skin.  LOL    Powdery options settle in my teeny tiny fine lines (of course they are teeny tiny!!) and I now must use a moisturizing foundation of some sort.  I currently still use drug store brands - work better on me than the more expensive options I've tried in the past.  

You can find You Tube videos online showing more detail, but I wanted to encourage you to try this - if liquid foundation has scared you away because it goes on too thick and you feel it is a mask, try this stipple brush technique - it allows complete control on application and gives a flawless finish.

And ladies, as we age - we don't need our fine lines more defined, now do we!  No we do not!
Have a beautiful day!!


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