Monday, February 21, 2011

Weekend Wrap-up

We had a great weekend!  Hubby surprised me with a night in a local hotel - a free voucher that expired that weekend (nothing like cutting it close) and it was a gift from all the traveling he did last year.  (Don't remind me!!)  Very belated birthday present - things just kept coming up and we barely made it while the voucher was invalid.   We are BIG believers in "date nights" and spending time nourishing our marriage.

It was nice, just the two of us and only being about 15 minutes away from home.  Went to dinner, watched movies and just spent time together.  It was at one of those hotels that has a separate bedroom, a living room and small kitchen.  So perfect. 

And then.  I woke up to the sound of intense vomiting.  Never good.  Poor hubby - was just not feeling very hot.  But it was odd - he didn't "look" sick - not like he usually looks.  In fact, once he was done vomiting, he felt much better.  We got a late checkout, he went back to sleep and we came straight home when we got up and around.  He laid around the rest of the day...not sure if he is sick or a tummy reaction (lots of food reactions lately/allergies).  I, for one, am praying it was NOT contagious!!!  Yikes!  

 In other news, we ran by JoAnn's Fabric and Craft store to get yarn and they had this makeup mirror on clearance for a huge savings.  The OTTLITE Natural Make up Mirror - Normally $99.99, it was marked down to $29.99.   I can't believe that price - AWESOME deal!!!!!  (On the website, they are running a deal for $69.99 if interested.   

The makeup mirror/light I have currently is maybe 15 years old?  Or even older?  It has been well used.  lol  The Ottlite makeup mirror boasts true, natural color.  When I turned it on, I was impressed - much different than my other one.

(Oh, it is currently $49.99 online at JoAnn's - you might check your store and see if they have it on super clearance!!)

The mirror also tilts and has 5X Zoom on the other side.  Talk about SEEING EVERYTHING.  Whoa......... lol

I am praying that hubby wakes up tomorrow morning good as new.  His entire office was in and out sick last week and we fear he has it.  (And I guess WE now.  lol)  Sure had a good time prior to the vomiting, though!  (He has 3 more vouchers valid until this summer, so looking forward to those!)


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  1. That's too bad that your lovely weekend had to end in sickness. I hope your hubby is doing better today!


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