Saturday, June 13, 2009

Birthdays, Dirty Looks and Tornados

Today's my birthday........ahhhh, no longer an even number. Now I'm 43 - an odd number. Anybody else prefer even numbers? Next year, I'll be a double number, so I will probably be content again when I'm 46. I'm just quirky like that. lol

Hubby and youngest son took me to my favorite restaurant lately - Spaghetti Warehouse. I thought I liked the pasta, but I finally figured it out - I go simply for the bread and butter. I LOVE that butter!! Oh man, I have to make some for myself. Apparently it's just roasted garlic and butter........seems easy enough. lol

Isn't this a lovely look? Wait 'til you gals have's a joy! lol Apparently, my offense today was taking photos. I showed him this one and asked if he wanted me to get another photo and he said, no, he liked this one.

Tonight, hubby and I will go see a movie, and NO kids are invited. lol We think we will go see "The Proposal" with Sandra Bullock.

In other news.... This is the photo on the front page of the paper today.

Yesterday was SCARY!! A massive storm blew through here with 70 to 102 mph winds and sirens went off for 45 minutes. I was the only one home with the dogs, who both have storm anxiety. Got them sedated an hour ahead of time, the TV broke through with only news for 3 hours.......words like "Life and death.......take cover" went on for the entire time!!

I grabbed pillows and the smallest dog and got in the laundry closet in the middle of the house. Couldn't get Sage, our large dog, as she had wedged her way into another closet in the house and I couldn't pull her out. So Sweety and I hunkered down in the closet, texting Andy the entire time.

Come to find out, the tornado was less than 1/2 mile from our house!!! It had been all stormy and scary and then it got really quiet. I knew that wasn't good. Our neighbor just told us that when she came home yesterday in the middle of it, she saw the funnel cloud above our neighborhood. ACK!!!!!

There are thousands without power and trees and utility poles down everywhere. They said the number of utility poles down resembles when Hurricane Elvis blew through here.

Today, the sun is out and no threat of storms. Thank goodness.

Oh my, totally forgot to add that Andy took me to see Sugarland last night!! They opened for Keith Urban, but we went to see Sugarland - love that band! Jennifer Nettles is an amazing singer and songwriter. It was fun! My favorite song of theirs is Stay. Click on that link to see a video of the performance.

Have a great day!

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