Friday, June 26, 2009

Joys of Homeschooling High School - Update on Holt

Someone in the family is not cooperating with photos nowadays, so I will just start posting cute baby and toddler photos of him!! lol Granny and Papa, look at him curling his toes like his Daddy and Granny!!

We have been homeschooling Holt in the last year for his Sophomore year in high school and will continue until he graduates. We had homeschooled for almost 2 years when he was in elementary school, and he was always interested in homeschooling again. Well, this year has been a great success.

We had him take the ACT 3 weeks ago to see where he is at academically. He has 2 more years to go in high school and hasn't had all the math he needs, but we wanted to know where he stood. He declined to study (so shocking, NOT) considering this was a "test" run on the ACT, but he did take 2 practice tests. He came home from the test all relaxed, telling us it was quite easy.

Well, I guess he was right, because he scored a 26!!!!! Based on the report we received, he is ranked in the 93% in our state and the 85% nationally!!! We are so proud of him!! This score opens doors to scholarships as of right now, whether he takes it again or not. This is GREAT validation that homeschooling in high school CAN work and certainly quiets the worriers who weren't so thrilled we were doing this.

At this score, he can go to the local community college and get almost the entire thing paid. The scholarship will cover most of the tuition, room, board and fees! (This campus is 30 minutes away and does have dorms, which I thought was unusual for community colleges?) He would have to get a 29 or higher to get more money at that institution.

He is very excited, as are we. If everyone remembers, Ryan scored a 26 and won an Academic Scholarship that covered 100% of his tuition at the local 4 year university a few years ago.

Anyone remember this photo I put together? Holt is going to try to graduate early, maybe by the end of next year. If that works out, he will be going to college "on-time" and will be 18. We held him back a year to start Kindergarten since he has an August birthday. But he's ready to get on with it, so we shall see if he pulls it off (graduating early).

Oh, Holt has decided to get a Criminal Justice degree, and is very interested in being a police officer. He can get a 2 year or a 4 year degree with that, and we are encouraging the 4 year.

Holt, if you are reading this - we are VERY proud of you!!

Have a great day!


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