Thursday, June 18, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Friday - Laundry Rooms/Bonus Rooms/Playrooms

It's time again for another living space tour, courtesy of Kelly from Kelly's Korner Blog.

Anyone love glue guns as much as me?? I made the curtain over the window, the decorative cover over the shelf (to the far left with baskets on top) and the utility skirt you will see in the next photo.

To make the curtain and the shelf cover, hubby built me wood supports that were nailed into the wall and I covered/glued in fabric and trim. No sewing machines were used in this presentation. lol

The utility sink fabric cover was made with fabric, trim, fabric glue and commercial velcro. You cut your fabric to the size you need and glue the edges and hem. Glue on the trim as you like. Put one side of the commercial velcro directly on the utility sink edge and the other side glued to the inside of your fabric. And voila'! A project you can do in a just an hour!

Here are the photos before we neutralized the paint - they are smaller and I can't make them larger. I LOVED the red laundry room. The odd shape on the right wall below is a shadow from the mirror.

We also had a sun room that most of our friends used as playrooms. It was a great space that we used to watch TV, keeping the main living room on that level more of a sitting/music room.

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  1. Your laundry room is so cute! I love the fabric that you used and the color on the walls!! Great job! So neat and clean!

  2. What a creative way to decorate your wire shelf!! Very nice!

  3. Cute! I love the paint color. Lots of drama! :o)

  4. Now I am just impressed, glue gun or not. Hmm... what can I glue?!

  5. Cheri! I have found something in each of your posts the last two weeks that I own too!! It is like a Where's Waldo for me!! Last week, it was the soap dispener in your master, I have in my powder bath, this week is your rug in the laundry room, I have by my back door!! LOL!!!

  6. Hi name is the fruit. Your laundry room is gorgeous! You have a lovely home. cherry

  7. Thanks for your sweet comment! Your house is beautiful too, Did you make that skirt for your sink? Was is hard? I LOVE it. :)

  8. Adorable - I love the way you covered the wire shelf! I've never seen that before. Great idea!

  9. What a great laundry room!! Love it!

  10. great job in crafting with that glue gun!! you can't even tell!!

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