Friday, June 26, 2009

Guess who's College-Bound?

Yes!! Ryan is accepted, enrolled and will be attending The University of Mississippi (Ole' Miss) in Oxford this fall!! He is all lined up to live in the dorms and take a full load of classes. He will move down and classes start mid-August. Although he is tranferring 12 hours, he is still considered a "freshman" and must attend freshman orientation. Parents also must go and this will be just a few days before school starts.

He is very excited and we are very excited for him! His job will end just weeks before leaving and that works perfectly for him. He has been power-saving his money and doing a great job of that.

He will be trying to walk-on the golf team and that will his number one goal. He has been golfing every week and doing really well. He met up with a new golf buddy, a local chiropractor in town, and they are visiting courses all over the area. Ryan is thrilled to have someone able and eager to golf with him.

This photo was his favorite win - the Grand Champion of the local golf tournament in our former town. That trophy is HUGE. We have quite a collection of trophies and plaques. Ryan was very lucky to have been members of golf teams that all won state his 4 years in high school. 3 years in Iowa on the Bettendorf, IA golf team and 1 year in Mountain Home, Arkansas. It was amazing and quite an accomplishment. He also individually placed in state several years. He has taken a 2-year hiatus but is ready to get back on the road to a golf career!

Very exciting month for our family! So proud of both boys!!


Have a great day!



  1. What wonderful news! Congrats!

  2. that's exciting.i love ole miss. a good friend of mine went there and i loved visiting her there.


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