Friday, June 4, 2010

Vitamin D3 Levels and Chronic Pain

Today and article came out at WebMD talking about the role of Vitamin D3 and chronic pain.  It tells of a woman who went to 30 doctors before one thought to check her Vitamin D3 levels, which were barely perceptible.  After 6 months of aggressive Vitamin D prescription therapy, she was able to knock off every symptom on her 3 page list.  Other docs offered her anti-depressants, seizure medications (the seizure drugs - Lyrica, Neurontin, etc. -  calm down nerves and often help greatly with nerve pain.  I, however, could not tolerate any of them without horrible side effects.)  

I personally started taking extra Vitamin D3 when the "swine flu pandemic" was raging across the world last Fall, and I take 5000 iu per day.  If I feel sick or if someone is sick in my family, I take 10,000 iu for about 2 weeks.  I notice a HUGE difference if I skip even one day, and if I forget a few days in a row, then I am walking like a 100-year old grandma until I remember.  I am able to get the 5000 iu Vitamin D at Walmart (Around $5)  and health food stores ($11).  It is a small, golden gel-filled capsule, similar in looks to Vitamin E but much smaller.  Here is a very informative article on Vitamin D and dosaging:

Vitamin D3

Here is the article and if you know anyone with pain or certainly chronic pain, including folks with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and other "all over pain" syndromes, this is where I would start.  On another online board I frequent, a member is a physician and he states that when he is able to test his patients, he finds many are extremely Vitamin D deficient, and he starts out prescribing 50,000 iu for 6 months.

Here are 2 articles for information:

Chronic Pain: Does Vitamin D Help? 

Preventing Vitamin D Deficiency

And here is a study done at the Mayo Clinic that shows the less Vitamin D someone has, the more narcotic medication they need for their pain.

Mayo Clinic Researchers link Vitamin D and Chronic Pain Relief

P.S.  No one in our family EVER gets a flu vaccination and none of us got sick this year.  Studies show that folks who take Vitamin D3 are far healthier than those that do not.  With today's mineral and vitamin deficient diets and lack of outdoor activity, it is far more common to be deficient in Vitamin D than ever before.  Certainly check with your doctor before taking large doses.  Do not be afraid to ask for this blood test. Imagine if your aches and pains are the results of a deficiency in this vitamin and can be easily remedied?   A movement is underway to get the current government recommended dosages to be increased, so stay tuned updates with that.

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