Friday, June 4, 2010

Show Us Your Life - Random Acts of Kindness

Kelly at Kelly's Korner Blog is doing her "Show Us Your Life - Random Acts of Kindness" this week.  Go there to read many ideas.

One of my favorite random acts of kindness involves the wait staff at restaurants.  My husband used to be a server and has related many tales of not so nice diners versus folks who were a pleasure to serve.  I started several years ago making sure to get the name of our waiter/ress when we go out to eat.  Either myself or my husband will engage them in brief conversation, asking how their day is going, what is their favorite item on the menu, things like that.  

I particularly like to go to "regular" places where the servers make less than minimum wage and get "average" tips.   Having worked in service/commission jobs my entire working life (college years and a few years in real estate when the boys were teenagers), I know the importance of being friendly and attentive if one hopes to get referrals, good tips, or just have a nice day.  Frankly, I think all sales/service folks should treat others as they would treat their family.  Can't go wrong doing that!

If the server is pleasant, does a great job, and actually brightens my day (rather than leaving me without ice water, waiting forever to bring the check), I go home and write a letter to the management of that restaurant, bragging on how great "Server's Name" was on "Date and Time", and that I am so happy with the service, I will be recommended all friends and family to that restaurant.  In Iowa when I was still in real estate actively, I would also state that I would be referring clients there as well.  This makes managers VERY happy, and will bring kudos to that server!

One week, I had sent a letter to a local restaurant (if I remember correctly, it was an IHop!  lol) including my business card at the time, and just a few days later, we dined there again.  As we walked in, several servers stopped and directly stared at us, with odd smiles.  I wasn't catching on too quickly, and we sat down to look at the menus.  A few moments later, the manager came over and thanked me profusely for sending the letter, that he never receives such feedback and it brightened everyone's day (recognizing me from my business card).  Our former server also came over and thanked me sincerely.  I think being a server can be a really thankless job, and if you have a pleasant experience, why not take the time to send a short note praising your experience?  Kudos will go to your server and trust me, it will brighten their day!

Key - I really do recommend you send a handwritten note!

I had no idea I would be remembered or get any recognition for doing so, but it just shows you how random acts of kindness DO matter and are appreciated.  From that day forward, we received EXCELLENT service every time we dined there, and that was great. 

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  1. What a great gift!

    I used to be a waitress. So when it comes to tipping we usually tip more then 15% if the service is good.

    I also love giving compliments via email.


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