Sunday, June 6, 2010

Update on Curly Hair Progress

I wrote several months ago about growing my hair out and planning to "go curly", having just discovered I have curly hair.  lol  I KNOW, that seems ridiculous, doesn't it!  To be 43 and find out a few years ago - Hey, I have curly hair!  I just thought I had "messy" hair, never knew with the right product and styling technique, I could wear it curly.

So, I tried it out a few months ago and did NOT like it - too short!  My hair kinks up quite a bit, so I decided to go on a "grow out" mission.  This was in October, 2009:

Now today, we had been swimming all afternoon and decided to go run errands, I jumped in the shower and very quickly put product in my hair and used the diffuser on it a bit.  I had no rhythme or reason and didn't even remember what to do, honestly.  But I have to say I am impressed - considering the circumstances, I am thrilled with the progression of my curls.  Here is a photo we just took, after our errands and after sitting in a chair flattening it a bit:

 With the proper styling products and techniques, the "crown" won't be flat in general, but look how cork screw curly my hair is underneath?  I won't be "going curly" for probably another year at this grow rate, lol, but I look forward to it.

It was so funny watching Andy tonight - he has the weirdest "affect" - he said it was freaking him out how different I looked, like I was spunky or gonna be feisty or something.  He LOVES the curly look,and frankly loves any change I do to my hair (short of cutting it off short OR going red, neither of which he would enjoy).  lol

I alternate between completely flat (with a flat iron), mildly curled, heavily curled or now this naturally curly style. 

I don't think I posted this, but this photo was taken after my last hair cut/color last month.  Totally flat but with a new cut - hubs says it reminds him of the girl on Castle.  lol

Looking at this picture, you can really see how "much" my hair kinks up when allowed to go naturally curly, huh!

Do you change up your hair or hair style, or do you look mostly the same? 

Have a glorious day!


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  1. Embrace that curl! I am a curly hair fan. It is my favorite hair to cut and style. To many people want to straighten there hair out. I am getting sick of the straight iron look.. Try" Bed head "hair cream. It comes in a blue bottle. Every client i have suggested it to with curly hair love it. Not stiff just forms nice curls and soft. Use "Catwalk root lift" too if u want volume..


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