Friday, June 18, 2010

My Pretty Purple Birthday Cake

For as long as I can remember, my favorite birthday cake has been Angel food cake with "fluffy" icing. I believe it is Betty Crocker (comes in a box) and you mix it with boiling water. It truly reminds me of marshmallows, with its sticky goodness!

Have you ever tried this?  If not, you MUST!  Mom said she had to go to three grocery stores to find it, so I am praying it is not going to be discontinued.  Better stock up now, huh!

I just love the combination of the light, fluffy cake with the light fluffy icing.  Everyone I know prefers "real" cake with "real" icing, but for me, it is too sweet.  

Each year, I pick a color and for several years now, I have loved lavender. We've had pink, blue, green, and one year after mixing the wrong colors we had gray. That was weird. lol But boy, do I love these cakes. However, NO ONE else does and they think it is gross, so usually I get the entire cake to myself.

This year, mom knew we were coming down (I'm not always able to see her around my birthday, so I don't get this cake every year), and she used some new dye, called "Neon Purple". Check this out!

Yummm!  Thank you mom for the super delicious cake!

Have a glorious day!


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