Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bad News - Good News

Bad News - My one month old Mac computer has been having "airport" issues.....multiple times most days, the wireless internet would stop working and I would have to turn off and on the "air port".  Drove me crazy.  After talking to Apple techs on the phone, they finally made us an appointment at the local Apple Store.

Good News - My computer acted up in front of the tech!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I was validated!!!!!!!!!!!

Bad News - It is a hardware issue, not a software issue.  They kept my computer.

Good News - I am getting a BRAND NEW Mac!!!!  I will get it in 24-48 hours, after they transfer my files over to the new one.

I'm bummed I didn't think to email myself my photos and some files off the computer so I can still enter parties this week with my Face Scrubbies.  Darn........

I'm still grinning ear to ear - I was validated!!!  (Like taking your car to the mechanic...and it doesn't act up...)

Be back soon!



  1. Well it sounds like you got excellent customer services. How do you like your new Mac? My husband wants to buy me a Mac so it will work with the ipads and phones. I don't know if I want to make the change. Let me know what you think of yours.
    Hope you are feeling good.

  2. Wow, now that would certainly be bad news for certain. I'm glad it acted up in front of the Tech! Nothing like being validated. Look forward to you being back and hoping you are feeling well these days!
    Hugs, M

  3. Traci, I LOVE MY MAC. I wish we had switched years ago.....it is so amazing. A few odd quirks to get used to but overall....WOW! I'm so glad my husband encouraged me to try one..

    Mitzi...got it back the next day by lunch! Incredible!


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