Monday, July 18, 2011

Weekend Randoms

We had a busy weekend.. if I had worn a pedometer, I'd have a lot more to add to my exercise log...

Week before last, we walked 12 miles over 7 days at the park.....and that doesn't include the nightly walking the dogs around the neighborhood.  So fun!

This week, we walked 11 miles....Andy has an iPhone app that has GPS and tracks our exact path plus tells us how long we walked and the distance.  Love that.

Here is a photo of Sage last night - her favorite part of going walking - the car ride.  lol

She sits up in the chair like a big girl....then we get to the park and have to coax her out.  Once we get going, she loves it.. the geese at the park...don't love her.  lol If they only knew what a scaredy cat she is....

We've gone to several movies and I have been surprised at how strong my legs are.  I used to walk up the movie auditorium steps one at a I just walk up them strongly and quickly.   Walking DOWN the steps, I used to stand behind Andy, holding his shoulders for support, one step at a time.  Now he prefers to stand beside me holding my hand, but my balance and strength are night and day improved.  Yay!

We've also been trying to find a new dog food that helps Sweety's allergies without having to spend hundreds of dollars on allergy testing and result - Blue Buffalo chicken adult food with a small spoonful of Blue Buffalo wet food mixed in for Sage.  We learned that German Shepherds (she is half German Shepherd and Golden Retriever)...can be really picky eaters.   We had them on Bil Jac for years...with it being the first and only food they both loved.  But now with Sweety's allergies and Sage's new fatty lipoma on her shoulder, I researched dog foods.  Bil Jac is a 1 star food.....high priced Purina, I guess.  Darn!

We decided to get a 4 star dog food or higher....tried Avoderm, the Blue Buffalo Wilderness (both grain-free)...then the Blue Buffalo chicken....after chatting with an expert.  Sweety will eat strikes regularly.  lol  Blue Buffalo is actually a 5 Star food.

And the best part?  Petco took back the opened 2 dog foods that didn't work out...Yay!!

And finally, we're planning a trip to our visit family .....


We aren't taking the recliner!!  We aren't going to travel like the Clampitt's!!  I'm gonna sit in the front seat like I used to......

Oh, speaking of that...I am now down 80% in former medication related to the nerve damage....only 20% to go.  It's been going great...just a few days where I felt a little tired...I've still only taken one dose of the medicine given to me for reactions and is just amazing.

Hope you had a great weekend!!



  1. Praise the Lord!! I am SO very happy for you and all that you are able to do. You're a total inspiration and blessing to me. :)

    Have a great trip!

    Blessings - Julie

  2. Thanks Julie! I'm a little nervous...but know it will be fine. Riding in a recliner sure is comfy! (But embarrassing!)

  3. Wonderful new about the 80%. Your dog is too funny, riding along like a person! I am thankful that our van seats are almost as comfy as a recliner. I also love the fact that I can have heated seats at the same time as running the air conditioner.
    Beckie in Brentwood, TN


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