Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bang Photo

I decided that I like the side part better.....



  1. Love look so young and hip! =) XO ~Liz

  2. You look beautiful, as always. Love the bangs. I have them, too, and always think they take years off the face (maybe because we look like we're children again! LOL)

    Blessings - Julie

  3. Love it! The bangs also make you look even younger! Beautiful as always! ~Hugs, Mitzi

  4. Wanted to comment on the next post, but didn't see a way to do so. The comments that are caught with the filters are pretty funny. I always get a kick out of them too. I keep trying, as you do, to get people to stop using those captcha's, bet I could visit and comment on alot more blogs if they would..


Thanks so much for your lovely comments!