Monday, August 13, 2012

Closet Organization - Shoes

It's been a long while since I shared any organizational tips, but I prefer to live an orderly, organized fashion.  Keeps my stress down and life easier!

Since we've moved in the new house, I've wanted something for shoe organization and looked and looked.  Never finding just what I had in mind.  I mentioned this to EngineerHubby a long while ago, and was so excited when I came home to see he found this product at Sams Club and put it together (2 of them).  I LOVE IT!!

Not only are my shoes organized, but I can reach them more easily.  (I have the rest of my shoes in their  see-through containers but the shelves are really tall and they are not easy to see or reach.  Had to make room for my makeup

I don't know which way I prefer it:

I also need to figure out what is wrong with my iPad camera....the first photo was taken with EngineerHubby's Iphone 4...the 2nd my is so fuzzy....any ideas?

Seville Wire Mesh Shelves 3-tier

I think this is the link to the actual product, although we purchased these at Sams Club for $20 each, FYI.


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