Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Dogs Have Been Playing

I guess Sweety is feeling pretty good lately, as both she and Sage are tussling and playing multiple times a day. When she is hurting, she gets under the ottoman and stays there, as Sage cannot reach her. It is so fun watching them play. Sweety, almost 7, is a purebred Pekingese and Sage, 4, is a Golden Retriever/German Shepherd mix we found at the local humane shelter. We were thrilled to rescue her. Here is a photo of her as a puppy:

This is Holt with her, still at the shelter while we were deciding if she was the one. She was a lover dog then and still is today.

At our former home, we had a gate to keep her off the porch. When we went outside, she would stand like this, blocking our exit, and begging to be petted. Can you see how fluffy her undercoat is? She was as soft as a bunny then and still is today. So odd to have a larger dog we so fluffy soft. Here are a few pictures from recent days:

In this photo, Sweety was "winning" the contest and Sage jumped up on the ottoman for protection. lol Sweety is definitely the dominant one of the two, even though she's by far the smallest.

This photo is so funny. You really have to look at it to figure out what her body is doing. And her tongue? What is she doing? lol She loves to get like this when we pretend to wrestle.

This is how Sage plays with her - she gently puts her mouth on her neck and Sweety will paw at her. When Sage lets go, Sweety goes crazy trying to get Sage to "bite" her again.

This photo cracked me up!! They were playing and when I sat down to take a photo, Sweety jumped up to stare at me. Look at those eyes!! lol Sage is like "What, where did you go?"

And finally, Sage is trying so hard to get Sweety to start playing again. Her arms are up and she's pawing Sweety in the air.

Have a great day!

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