Sunday, April 5, 2009

Guess who got new glasses?

This family member is very near sighted, but really has put off getting glasses with bifocals because, well, he's too young! But anytime he needed to read, he had to put the paper right up under his nose, and that wasn't becoming either, now was it? So he finally bit the bullet and not only got new glasses but also the Progressive lenses, giving him the best of both worlds - the ability to see near and far, BUT no bifocal line on the lens. Yahoo! Here are the before and after photos:



Luckily, the progressive lenses are not giving him any problems, no motion sickness, no woozy feeling. I guess it does that to some people. So now he is excited to realize he can read the paper where it is - he doesn't have to pull it up to his nose. lol And if these lenses could solve his color-blind issues, we'd be fixed up for good. He's glad I'm done taking photos and he can get back to his "business". lol


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