Friday, April 3, 2009

Ryan's excited....

He just came home from work with the news that he's going to be running the forklifts now. He did this previously in other jobs, but this current one had him hired on a "temp to hire" and didn't allow the "temps" to run the heavy equipment. This made for a bit of a boring job, packing boxes, unpacking boxes, etc. Now he'll be on the move with new and different things to do. He and Andy work at the same company right now, and I think they like seeing each other during the day. Andy actually travels and works between 2 facilities, and on days when he is not at Ryan's, Ryan will come home a little worried, wondering if Dad is sick, took off work? It's cute.

Ryan is our child who never wants to be alone. Even though he's 20, he likes his family around. The other night, he was looking all over for everyone. He walked outside and saw me sitting by the pool with the dogs (after all the fun I poke at Andy! lol) and he said "There you are!!!!!" really exasperated. He didn't need anything.........just wanted to know where we were after he saw the cars in the driveway. Andy was in the garage working out - yes, I said working out!!! Woo Hoo!!!

A few weeks ago, Andy got this unit put together. We've had it for a few years and it's made 2 moves with us. But the guys haven't always used it. Or should I say, really never ever used it? lol Now, Andy and Ryan both are out there at least every other day and they are looking good. Holt won't even discuss it, but he might sneak out there when no one is home. No telling with him. lol And I'm not allowed to go near it - no lifting over 5 -10 lbs for the rest of forever. But that's OK - I'm fine with the restrictions that have given me my life back!

Of course, he had to pet the girls when he walked in. Here's Sage, the lovey dog.

Sorry that photo is a bit blurry. Holt is working 2 to 10 today, so we won't see him until late tonight. I'm proud of my hard-working boys!! Andy should be home shortly, so off to the weekend we go! I'm going to take it a little easier this weekend. I really overdid it last weekend and was sore and recovering all week. lol But I'm a whole new girl with this SCS - spinal cord stimulator. Thank you God!!

Have a great day!

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