Sunday, April 19, 2009

Update on Andy and the braces

He had his "mini-consultation" and the plan was decided. He will get Invisalign braces (the clear and invisable kind) on the top teeth and regular braces on the lower teeth. Total treatment time should be around 18 months or less. The orthodontist will reposition the bottom teeth "lower", and get the one tooth on the uppers in a better position. He will have the Invisalign on top because of the veneers he currently has. Regular braces would not work.

Impressions of his teeth were taken at this visit, and the Invisalign aligners (which are changed every 2 weeks) will be ready in a month. I can't tell if he's excited, lol, but I know he's glad to have the decision made and to get the process started.

Have a great day!'

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