Monday, April 13, 2009

Photo Organizing Project

Whose bright idea was this anyway?? Hmmmmm.. We'd all like to know that answer. lol We were really good with putting photos in albums up until we moved to Iowa in 2000. We then were doing a lot of traveling, both for pleasure and the boys sports tournaments (baseball, soccer and golf) plus moving several houses in several states and we got a little lax. From that point forward, we had many loose photos in various boxes.

I noticed recently that some of our albums, the albums themselves, weren't in the best of shape from all the moves, and on some of the really old ones, the glue from the pages was either not working OR keeping the photos from being removed with ruining them. I have wanted to get new albums and get all the photos organized for many years now. (Hmm, guess I'm the one with the bright idea!) We started this project 2 days ago, thinking we'd knock this out in a few hours.

Well, did not happen that way! First, we couldn't decide if we wanted to put things chronologically, or by child/relative. And did we want to take all the photos out of all albums and make one big pile, or keep everything where it was and compile as we went? I can tell you it wasn't MY idea to pull all photos out and put them in a pile, but, what's done is done. lol

The state of the photos was actually overwhelming and we pretty much ignored it for much of Sunday. We had photos EVERYWHERE. On both breakfast and kitchen tables, the kitchen bar area, in boxes, on the tops of the couches, on the piano .........I'm not kidding. It was a photo disaster. But I got a second wind around 11pm and decided to divide our dining room table up into years and get started. I'm excited to say that I only have one small pile of photos I can't decide what year they were taken. (Darn it, why didn't we write the date on the back of all photos? lol)

To inspire me to continue tomorrow, I thought I'd take a photo now at this current state. Anybody want to come help?

We are still missing some photos, some larger school photos, both in 8 X 10 and 5 X 7 that we can't locate. Since we've looked everywhere else, we're betting they are in the attic. Ugh. And who knows what box. Ah, well, Andy will probably dig around there next weekend.

Here are a couple of the new albums we found at Costco. Much larger than our old ones, and nice slots for the photos. No more glue! We hope we purchased enough of them!

We hope to have this finished before anyone comes to visit!

Have a great day!

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