Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Decorative Dogs

Did you know that stores like Marshall's and TJ Maxx get up to 3 trucks of merchandise a week?  You never know what items those stores will have, and it is so fun to shop.  Back when I was in real estate and staging homes (I kept an inventory for my staging needs), I would run through these stores a few times a week.  Doing that, I could easily and quickly spot the new items.  If I did purchase anything, I kept the tags on until I really really decided I was keeping it.  (If you see something, you better snag it and do the same, because if you go back later, most likely the item will be gone.  Learned that the hard way!)

A trick of mine?  Get a shopping cart and walk around.  Pick up any items you love and put it in the cart.  Continue walking around, throughly enjoying yourself.  As you enjoy those items in the basket, slowly go back around and put them back.  ONLY purchase what absolutely breaks your heart to put back on the shelf.  Warning - if your hubs walks in and sees a full cart, he might panic, but not if he knows the "plan".  Most days, I purchase nothing, but have SO much fun just "shopping".   Sound crazy?  Try it some time.  Works great for budgets.  lol

Aren't these cute?  I know they aren't anywhere close to being Staffordshire Dogs, but these have much cuter eyes, don't you think?  lol  Here's a photo of the collectible figurines:

I was digging through my purse during the holidays and found some hidden money.  Love when that happens!  Truth is, I just rarely leave the house alone and my random shopping days are long gone.  So when I get money for birthdays or holidays, I just stash it.  I usually remember where I put it.  

Anyhoo....I used that cash bonus to get these cuties at Marshalls, one of my favorite stores.  (Along with TJ Maxx, of course!)

Told my mom weeks ago I'd get a picture up and just remembered!  Haven't found the perfect spot for them yet, so for now they are on the fireplace mantle. 


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