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Show Us Your Life -My Favorite Beauty Tips and Products!


It's .Beauty Tips and Favorite Products week over at Kelly's Korner!  I am getting no reimbursement from any of these companies, FYI.

OK, first and foremost, the number one product I canNOT live without (and I have tried to live without for over a year!) are these 2 products from SWISA Beauty

This Dead Sea Salt Facial Peel is the BOMB!! (Found under the Anti-Aging section of the website.)  First, it lasts forever and you use it about once a week.  You rub it on your face and it peels all the dead skin layers right off, leaving the most luscious, smooth skin ever!

Then I follow with the Dead Sea Firming Moisturizer. You must use this just after the facial peel, but I also use it every day prior to makeup, as I love it so much!

I have always purchased this at mall kiosks, but I see it is also online.  I don't know why, but we did not pay as much as this website claims.  I don't know if they raised their prices, but we got the facial peel, the moisturizer and the rainbow sea salt souffle for a total of $80 if I remember correctly.  I know, GASP, right?  But honestly, I went over a year without this product and I just could not find anything that even came close to the results.  I saved my holiday and birthday money, and purchased more as soon as I could!

Now, on days I am going out, I will use the following and consider it a must as well (but not if I am staying home for the day) - Korres Face Primer.  In fact, I reviewed this HERE.  If you have never tried a face primer but hate the smelly chemical ones and not sure if you want to use silicone on your face, THIS product is for you!  Your foundation will go on flawlessly and gives a glow to your skin.

In general, I do not like to spend a lot of money of makeup, but will spend a bit more on skin care.    I have  been trying a brand new product exclusively to Sephora for the last month, and I have to say - it is living up to its claims.  

When you first open the product, you poor that liquid into the pad container and use one pad per day for 60 days.  As I said, I am one month in, and so far 2 doctors have said I look 10 years younger, and Andy lays at night and runs his fingers over my face, commenting how beautiful and smooth my skin is lately.  My fine lines and wrinkles are less noticeable and overall, my skin is tighter and firmer.

So, now to the actual makeup!  I usually use the cheaper foundations, although I do love Jane Iredale mineral makeup and especially her Disappear concealer.  This amazing concealer has Green Tree Extract and helps heal the blemishes you are covering up.

I use her Amazing Base Mineral Powder in the summer.  I use color "Natural".

However, on a normal day, lately I have been using Maybelline Dream Liquid Mouse in the color Light 3.5.
After I put on the foundation (following the Dead Sea Firming Moisturizer and the Korres Face Primer), I will put on this Fast Fix Eye Shadow Base from Sally Hanson Natural Beauty by Carmindy.  This will hold your eye shadow in place all day.


Now, did you know that if you have BROWN eyes and are approaching your 40's, that you should not wear peach colors?  Many brown-eyed girls love peach, but it honestly ages us.  Try using pink shades, such as this and notice how much younger and brighter your eyes look.

Neutrogena Nourishing Eye Duo - in Sweet Dusk or Sugar Plum.  Use the pink shades on the lid overall, and then a plum or cocoa shade in the crease.

I've also started wearing these new Maybelline Expert Wear® Eye Shadow Quads in "Charcoal Smokes"  So pretty with brown eyes!
Now, for eye lining, I like 2 different products.  Did you know that you should put the liner on the top of your lashes only?  Just maybe put it in the corners on the underside, but never all the way under your lashes?  I used to wear it upper and lower lashes and when I switched to just lining the upper lids, WOW.  What a difference!  Really makes your eyes POP!
Jane Iredale Cream to Powder Eyeliner - I use the brown shades, but this site recommends the color in the photo below for brown eyes.  Maybe have to try that!

And I recently purchased these eyeliners from Cover Girl Line Exact Liquid Liner- I LOVE the "Smoke" color and also the "Very Black".  These go on so smoothly - just beautiful!  Also, a nice compact size that fits so well in your hands and makes application so easy.

 For Mascara, I either use Maybelline Great Lash Washable Mascara in "Very Black" for everyday.

But if I am going out, I LOVE this new mascara from Loreal -Telescopic Explosion in "Blackest Black".  This gives you a real WOW look, super long lashes that last all day long.  I don't wear this every day, as it is a little dramatic.  lol

For blush, I use Neutrogena Healthy Skin® Blends Sheer Highlighting Blush in the color "Healthy".  This looks beautiful on your skin with the varied shades mixed giving natural highlights.

For my lips, I generally use Maybelline SuperStay Lip Color in "Wildberry".  You put on the color, then wait a bit until it feels sticky, then use the other end which is the lip gloss and smooth it on your lips. This lasts a very long time, through eating and even kissing! 


For shampoo and conditioners, I am trying to avoid all SLS - Sodium Lauryl Sulfates and other chemicals. Here is a link that explains what we should avoid: 

  Top 16 Ingredients That Should Never Be Used in Shampoos.

 My current favorite is from the Kinky Curly line.  (I have wavy/curly hair and currently flat iron it.  But when I get out of the shower, my hair is a tangled mess, and these products are amazing.)  I LOVE Come Clean Shampoo and Knot Today Detangler.  Since I have wavy hair, I do rinse most of this out.  For those with thicker, curlier hair, they can leave the detangler in.  You have never experienced hair THIS soft, ever!



A new product I am using prior to flat ironing my hair is Marrakesh Oil from Earthly Body.  This is a wonderful product that you put in damp hair and it :

  • Gives Brilliant Shine
  • Moisturizes & Conditions Naturally
  • Protects & Moisturizes for Thermal Styling
  • Absorbs Quickly, Without Greasiness
  • Controls Frizziness
  • Protects Hair From Elements

Just today, I read on "A Love Worth Waiting For" by Lyndise,  a recommendation to get Kenra Hairspray, so I  ran out to try some.  Oh my goodness - I LOVE it!  I got the  Volume Spray "25".  I am VERY particular on hairspray and was very shocked to find one I like better than what I've used for years (which has been discontinued.)  There are several choices with this hairspray, from light hold to super hold.  The stylist recommended the "25" as it is their most popular product in this line.  You can still run your fingers through your hair, but it holds nicely and has nice shine.  I came home and tried it and WOW!  She's right! 

I'm loving my new Sedu Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Straightening Iron.   It is AMAZING! 


Phew!  Am I done?  I think so!  lol  This will be so nice for me to look back on, as well.  Love how blogging can help you journal everything about your life!

 Have a glorious day!

P.S. I apologize for all the font and color changes. I do NOT know what happened, and have spent too much time trying to figure it out. Coding is all going blurry on me. Hope it isn't too distracting!


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