Friday, February 12, 2010

There's Love in the Air at Our House

As all our extended family can attest, girls have not been well-received by our Pekingese, Sweety.  Quite a stressful time, as many past visitors could share.  Between barking like a mad dog to almost acting hostile, Sweety has just NOT been happy to have any girls over (outside of just a few female relatives that she sees regularly).

So, as I mentioned before, it has been literally a shock to see how Sweety is taking to Megan.  Today was the most interesting yet - as Megan entered, Sweety did not even bark once!  Just was happy to see her.  Ryan is frankly speechless, but thrilled.

I've always believed dogs can really sense what a person is like, and perhaps those other girls were just not "right" for the boys, who knows?  Sweety thinks it should be her opinion that matters.  lol

Here are some photos to show you just how enthralled Sweety is with dear Megan.  You'd have to see it to believe it.



Megan was here for over an hour and Sweety stayed like this pretty much the entire time.  Wherever Megan went, Sweety went.  Incredible!

And a new photo of the handsome couple:

Have a glorious day!


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