Thursday, March 11, 2010

21 Years Ago....

21 years ago, our lives changed forever.  Just before our 2nd anniversary and after quite a phyical ordeal, our  little man came catapulting into the world, literally.  (Details not pleasant!). With his grand entrance came this huge personality, this old soul. 

Folks, this is a picture of one week old Ryan - he was huge!   He was 9 lbs 9.5 oz on his due date and look at that hair!!!  

At 6 months, he was really showing his personality....

We called him our little man because he never acted his age.....always seemed older.  Preferred to talk to adults, his brain was always working overtime.

When he was in elementary school and needed to do some more work, one time he just said "Mom,  I can't - my brain is full!"  So funny, just like Ryan always has always been.  So photogenic, so outgoing...never met a stranger.

He discovered his love of golf at age 12 and took off from there.

He attended 2 high schools in 2 states and all 4 years his teams won their state golf tournaments.  Amazing!

 Time flies so fast.  How is that we have a 21 year old?  Where did the time go??

This was father and son one year ago today - on his 20th birthday.  Definitely Andy's mini-me! 

This year, Ryan's in college, on the college golf team and doing great.  

Happy Birthday Ryan!!  
You're still our little man!


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  1. How Cheri, just 'wandered in' and wanted to say hello. Happy Birthday to your son, wow, don't they grow up quickly, I only have one and she's 9 already... seems like she was just a toddler (well actually, it seems like forever ago) but they do grow up fast.
    I've never changed my part by the way (or parten as we call it in the UK!) I think I would feel lop-sided, lol :)


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