Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Makeup on my mind

I just showed you my closet and makeup organization in the previous post and I'm so happy I've gotten that accomplished.   With the spinal cord stimulator, I'm just able to do more and more.  Yahoo!   I'll admit - it is to the point that I have maintain a list on my iPhone of anything I run across that I might want need someday.  I even put CVS or something in front of it, in case it can only be purchased at certain places.  lol  My plan is for hubs to have a place to get an idea if he wants to surprise me a small gift.  That works, doesn't it?  lol

I think the rule is to get rid of makeup after 6 months?  Wellll, as you could tell from some of those photos, I have some well-used products that are YEARS old.  Just hate to throw perfectly good items away.  (With the exception of mascara, which I definitely keep an eye on, as there can be a larger risk of infection.)

Wanted to share a few things you might enjoy:

Makeup brushes!

This is the first time I have ever made a point to use makeup brushes and I'm 43!  With high end eye shadow that is very pigmented, it isn't difficult to get good color.  But with the cheaper drug store products, using a better brush helps with application and result.  Everyone talks on and on about MAC brushes online, and when I checked the prices, I croaked.  NO WAY.  So I kept reading and found out that some very good MAC (MAC Cosmetics) dupes are the Essence of Beauty brushes available only through CVS.  Have you ever tried them?  Here are some favorites of mine:

My FAVORITE Essence of Beauty Dual Use Eyeshadow Brush -- only $6.99!  The dome end on the right is perfect for smudging and I use the left end every single day.   And that traditional eye shadow end on the left works so great - deposits color quickly and cleanly.  Excellent coverage.  

Another must have is the Essence of Beauty Crease Brush Duo Eyes for $5.49.  You will be in heaven!  Have you ever had a brush that look like this?  Ever try to get a darker color in the crease and end up with too big of a swipe?  These brushes are perfect for that.  The smaller one is amazing for adding a small bit of dark color to the outer corner, or "v".  

Also wanted to mention something I haven't tried yet.  Apparently the Loew Cornell paint brushes at M.ichaels are great duplicates for the MAC brushes as well.  Haven't had a chance to check it out myself, but have seen a few videos and reviews online.  So much cheaper, considering some of the MAC brushes are $30+ each!  And don't forget to use those 40% coupons.

For tips, there are so many neat videos online.  Have you seen any of the videos from TiffanyD?  Her eyes are gorgeous and her videos are fun to watch.  If you look at all her video choices, she has a gazillion.  If there is something makeup or nail related, she probably has a video.   Oh my goodness, her video today is on some of HER favorite drug store finds.  He He. 

Here is the video that inspired me to organize.  Now, sit down and take a deep breath.  You are about to see a makeup collection that you cannot imagine.  Seriously.  She is a professional makeup artist, but she is so inspiring.   But wait until you see this:

Another neat blogger with makeup videos is Beauty Broadcast by Emily Eddington.  She is a TV anchorwoman but uses almost 100% drugstore products and does her own makeup.  She also refuses to get her nails professionally done, and uses the press-on type.  She has a tutorial on that, recommending different brands and giving tips for success.   She has a page on MAC Dupes - if you like makeup but won't pay the ridiculous MAC Makeup prices!  Here is that list:

Now, the other day my dear hubby and I were out running errands and celebrating our anniversary weekend.   As I've mentioned, I cannot go out walking by myself due to my fall risk and also rarely drive.  He loves to make sure we get out and do lots of walking on the weekends and going in different stores with me is something he loves to do.  He's a bigger shopper than me, if you can believe it. :)  Anyway, we actually don't "shop", but 99% of the time we just browse.  Just love the time we spend together.  Anyhoo....we did go in a Sephora store at an outdoor mall area and ran across this palette.  I had seen this online and he told me to order it.  Since I didn't, he had kept it in his mind to get for me.

Sephora Palette
Isn't this neat?  Guess how much?  $29.50!!  It has 50 eyeshadows, 10 lip colors and 5 blushes. What is neat about this palette is that the colors are grouped together for a cohesive look.   See that blank area to the right?  That is an empty palette that removes, and each color palette also removes.  This way, you can take a palette with you for the day.  Here's a photo:

I'm sorry it's a little blurry, but it shows what you can do with that extra palette. Wouldn't this be a neat gift for someone?  They have other palettes as well, but we decided on this one.

Anyhoo.....hope this gives you some ideas for cheap, fun makeup items. 

Have fun!



  1. What a fun & informative post! It was really helpful. I "found" you through NewEveryAM (my daughter), & I'll be back!
    Hope you'll "come visit" me (

  2. super pretty TiffanyD's Eye makeup look, great tutorial :)


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