Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Side Parts

I was bored this week with hubs out of town and decided to switch which side I part my hair.  Sound boring? has been fun!  Trying to train my hair is going to take a while - I've never in my life parted it to the left.  I am right-handed, and this doesn't feel natural.  But, sent this photo to hubs and he loved it!  Do I look that different?  My hair IS fluffier and has more volume - weird coincidence?  

Took this with my iPhone, so sorry about the quality.  Didn't flat iron today, just blew it dry using a flat brush which helps take out much of the curl.  This has no curling whatsoever - just MoroccanOil product and blow drying. 

When was the last time you switched your part?  Does everyone do this regularly or not?  I might be weird to be stuck in my ways, never know.  lol

And got some good news today - hubs will be home next week instead of out of town.  Yay!!  I hate the 2 weeks in a row travel.  I will be very glad when this 9 to 10 weeks of travel in 3-4 months is over.   Both of us grew up with dads always gone traveling with their jobs and we did not want that for our boys.  Freak project but should be over by May.  Crossing my fingers!

Have a great day!


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