Thursday, March 18, 2010

Julia Roberts in "Eat Pray Love" this summer!

I am SO excited!!!  Have you read the book Eat Pray Love - One Woman's Search for Everything Across Italy, India and Indonesia by Elizabeth Gilbert?  It is the BEST story!!  In fact, we gave this out as gifts a few years back.

Her story is about having the courage to face your life and make courageous decisions.  About the author's inner and outer journey.  Are you really happy with your life?  Your career?  Your choices?  Do you have dreams you don't or won't have the courage to explore?  And why not? 

Some say the book was focused too much on Elizabeth, but the title and story state that it was her year of self-reflection.   I found it touching and inspirational.   I just firmly believe all of us should strive to follow our dreams, have the most love, the most authentic love in our lives.  To fully experience everything.....from what we do, to what we eat, to what we say.  So many of us keep ourselves boxed in and don't allow.....yes I said "allow"....ourselves to see, feel and taste joy.

When we honor ourselves, we become the best we can offer.  The best mother, the best wife, the best friend.....because we truly know ourselves.  No longer trying to be all to everyone, but the best of who we can and should be.  But isn't this self-centered or selfish?  Not at all.   Today's world is so wrapped up in judging everyone, having something to say about everyone's choices and then we do it to ourselves.  Are we the best mother?  Wife?  As if some sort of emotional pain is a requirement for life.  

As my life shows, you never know when your ability to do anything at all can suddenly change or disappear altogether.   There is no perfect tomorrow.  Listen to your intuition - live for today!

Here is the trailer:

I can't wait to see it this summer!

Have a glorious day!



  1. That looks wonderful, the scenery in this movie is beautiful. Thanks for the heads up, I can't wait to see it. I pray you are having a much better day than yesterday.

  2. I have heard of the book, but hve not read it. I am always looking great books for book club. Thanks for the heads up. And it has a movie too. We like to read a book and then see the movie there is one! Great post. Happy to meet you today!

  3. Jolyn and Yvonne, thanks so much! Jolyn, you really touched me yesterday with your comment - I'm so sorry you have also experienced pain, but are blessed also with a great hubby.

    Some days, it just takes everything out of us, huh! I am a bit better today and had a hair appointment I really couldn't postpone much longer. Just got home from that and doing OK, but will be vegging for the rest of the night.

    Take care!


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