Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sweety's first photo shoot

If you haven't been to Upside Down, you must visit.  That site will bring a smile to your face all day long.  Over on the right hand side, you can search by breed, or you can just scroll to see the most recent postings.  

I submitted this photo of Sweety in December, I think, and then forgot about it when I never saw it.  It was posted mid-January, so it's been a while since I checked it.   Isn't this a funny photo?  You can vote for what you think of the photo - she currently has 26 votes with an 8.08 out of 10.  lol  There is no contest, just something fun.

We have some family who loves Boxers, so here is the link to the Upside Down Boxers!  Click Here.

Take a photo of your dog upside down and submit it! (It is surprisingly harder than you would think! lol)


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