Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hair Day

Just had my hair appointment and she asked if I wanted flat ironed or curly.  I was in the mood for curly.  She worked and worked, we chatted, meanwhile I was facing away from the mirror.  She turns me around and my eyes got huge - I have Taylor Swift hair!  Very cool - hubs was in town for an appointment of his own so I sent him a text asking if he wanted to see my "do" before it fell.  Well, sure enough he did (having a fascination with my hair and all.....)

I met up with him in the parking lot of his doctor's office and needless to say, he DID love it.  He took these photos so I could remember how to do it myself.  lol   Last month, I came home with "Barbie" hair.  So fun!! 

Do you have a creative stylist or do you get the same ol' same ol' every time?  I love being surprised. I love having long enough hair that many different things can be done with it.

You know how quite a few blogs have "Outfit of the day", or Style of the Day"?  I wear the same thing over and over, being home all the time.  But I could do "Hairdo of the Day" of "Makeup of the Day".  lol  Seriously, I have a major makeup obsession and go through eye makeup remover like we have 5 girls in this house (just me, sorry......).  Always playing, trying new things.  And hubs?  Well, he loves that too.  As he says, never knows who he's coming home to every night.  Plain, simple?  Cat eye sexy?  Smokey eye, red lips?  I buy those kits for a steal with all kinds of color (the decent ones from Sephora or Ulta, not from the corner drug store, lol).  Like this one:

That is 98 eye shadows, 70 lip glosses, 6 cream eye liners, 2 lip pencils, 3 eye liners, mascara, 4 applicators

This is still available from Sephora for $48.  Click HERE.  I use almost every color you see here.  I have a fan brush that I sweep over all 3 of those blushes in the middle for a beautiful light blush color on the cheese.   The only "oops" I had was when I took that reddish pencil there to the left in the middle?  And lined my eyes with it.  Ha!  Seriously, don't know where my brain was.  But I had quite the look - bright red lined eyes....just take a moment and imagine that......and then I looked at the pencil and it  said..........LIP pencil.  HA HA HA HA  So then,.....more eye makeup remover.  lol  Do you see the purple pencil just above it?  Gorgeous to rim the eyes!!!  And those lip glosses - some are VERY pigmented and a little goes a looonnnngggg way.  My favorite is to take a medium dark pinkish color and then use that top left gold color on the right hand lip gloss area to cover - gives a gorgeous gold glow with speckles over the pink base color.

OOops, looks like that set is sold out due to high demand.  I also have this one - HERE.

What I love about this set is you can take the "color set" you are using for the day and take it with you in the travel case (to the left in the above photo).  Very cool!

Seriously, you'd think I was 14.   lol  And if you think I'm not kidding, have you seen my "Makeup Organization Station"?  Enjoy -  Cheri's Makeup Organization Setup

When people ask me how I handle my daily nerve pain?  This is one way!!

Have a glorious day!



  1. Your new do is just gorgeous! Do you ever wish you could have a live in stylist??? LOL - - - I think that every time they are working on my hair.

    Also - - - that is A LOT of equipment to keep you beautiful! Wow - - - I guess there's no hope for me since what I have looks pretty pitiful next to that!

    Merry Christmas

  2. Blogging is the new poetry. I find it wonderful and amazing in many ways.


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