Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hair Routine

It's about time for another "How do I get my hair to grow like that" post after several emails.  Yes, I am 44 and I realize that some people have opinions on "appropriate" lengths for such an age.  I'm going with the age I feel inside!  Oh, now that we have that out of the way........:)

I haven't always had long hair.  For years, I kept it just above my shoulders.   Guess who loves long hair, however?  And blond long hair?  Why, that would be my sweet hubby.  The guy who brushes my hair, runs his fingers through it......that guy.  So why not light up his face on a daily basis?   In fact, he took this picture after I hunted him down just after my appointment to show him my hair before it "fell".  He loves it THAT much.  lol  (My hair never fell, btw, and looked like this the next day after sleeping on it - crazy!)  And honestly, it has been easier to maintain this length than the shorter length, which totally surprised me. 

12 months apart

Stylist called this "Taylor Swift hair".  lol

Hard to get the color right on this photo with how dark it was in the room.
And here was a photo the last time I had my hair done:

Stylist called this "Barbie Hair".  lol

First, I want to reiterate how important I think it is to avoid all SLS - Sodium Lauryl Sulfates and SLES - Sodium Laureth Sulfates.    Here is one site explaining the issues - there are many.  Good luck avoiding them because they are everywhere.  But, they are so so so bad for our hair.  I bit the bullet and decided I was done putting harmful chemicals on my body and any chance I had, I have gone to healthier options.  Same with my hair.

I do get my hair professional color treated , and my stylist recommended a fantastic product (with a price I had to adjust to, honestly - around $40 I think?  But it lasts for about 3-4 months using it every other day.)  Is it worth it?  Look at my hair!

Gals, you put this on your hair once you've gotten out of the shower and towel dried it.  Don't put it on wringing wet hair.  But let me tell you - first, the smell is heavenly.  Just use about a quarter sized amount (for my length and thickness of hair) - a little goes a long way.  Put it on the ends, not the scalp.  And then sit back and take in the effects.  You will be surprised at how quickly your hair dries.  It is almost magic.  

And then I'm done.  Seriously.  I don't use any other product most days.  I just curl or flat iron and then use hairspray.  But this product adds just enough "oomph" that I don't need anything else.  How great is that?

Now, in backwards order, my favorite shampoo and conditioner surprises most people.  First, I believe it is intended for black hair.  Here is my thinking - if a product can condition and heal problem black hair, then what could it do to my hair?  I think the pictures show the rewards!  This shampoo and conditioner is so awesome, I feel like I'm having a spa treatment in the shower every day I wash my hair (usually every other day).   I think these are $12 each at Whole Foods.  Every now and then I go back to my Loreal EverPure SLS-Free shampoo, but my hair just doesn't look as great as when I use these products daily.

Kinky Curly Come Clean Shampoo

Has Mandarin Oil Extract and Sea Kelp - Yeah baby!

Kinky Curly Knot Today

The smell of this product makes me smile just thinking about it.  Cherry maybe?  Light and amazing.

If you do have curly hair, the Curling Custard is apparently to die for.  I have it, but haven't successfully used it, not having gone curly enough yet.  

I wash my hair with the Come Clean shampoo.  I then put the Knot Today generously over the ends of my hair.  I have a wide tooth comb I keep in the shower, and I comb it through my hair to distribute the product.  I then go about shaving my legs, washing myself, singing songs.......and then I rinse.  If I AM going curly that day, I leave some product in my hair, not rinsing fully.  Fully kinky curly girls usually do well to leave the product mostly IN their hair instead of rinsing.  

You can purchase these products online, but the shipping is $5 a bottle!  Yikes!  I get mine at Whole Foods, but watch out - you won't find it with all the other shampoo.  Go over to the makeup section and there is a glass shelving unit below - this is where you will find the Kinky Curly products.  And you won't be sorry.  No sirree!!

See happy hubby? 
What do you use for your healthy hair?  Any others who are loving longer hair in their 40's? 



  1. Your hair is beautiful! My hair is longer for being in my 40's. lol I don't care. Its probably a bit shorter than yours!

  2. I have shoulder length naturally curly hair. I hate to admit it, but I spend a small fortune on my hair. I am going to investigate those products you recommended. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Good for you! I'm right there with you with the long hair in my 40's! I'm not ready to cut it yet. And I agree, it's easier to take care of. Less washing and we can't forget the benefits of a quick ponytail hairdo!
    Though I have to envy your Barbie and Taylor Swift do's! Beautiful!

  4. Gorgeous--I love the Moroccan oil--it has changed my hair happiness level to a 9 :)!

  5. Love your hair! Here in the UK there really seems to be nothing for curly hair! Honestly it like its something to be ashamed off, I shall keep looking though, one day my curls will make me proud!


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