Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sign of the Times

So, to set the scene - we are in a "big box" store last night, looking at an item that the boys want for Christmas.  This item is locked up and requires an associate to unlock (or cut) the tag to remove for purchase.  We are patiently waiting for the associate to make her way back to us when I decide to check my iPhone for the price for this product.  Lo and behold, not only is the item $8 cheaper PER item, BUT no tax AND free shipping.  Well, hello....

So in the 3 minutes it took the associate to get back to her, I had completely finished purchasing these 2 items from  And?  This morning - Sunday morning?  An email notifying me they have already shipped.

How about that?  A savings of  $16 in price, $11 in tax and no additional shipping cost.  That's a win/win!

P.S.  I promptly downloaded the official app on my iPhone, apparently just released just a few days ago.  Now it will go even faster!

Do you ever find your impatience brings positive outcomes instead of negative?



  1. Absolutely -- I'm with you! I have several apps similar to Amazon, though Amazon tends to beat them all. I also have a scanner where I can scan the bar code with my Iphone camera and it will tell me the lowest price on the item whether it is online or at a nearby B&M Store. I tend to always find it cheaper on-line!

  2. I LOVE shopping on line for just that reason. We shop WM a ton for the free site to store shipping. We just ordered the boys something last Sun and it arrived two days later at the store. Awesome savings!


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