Saturday, December 25, 2010

Santa Visited!

It's so nice when you have older early mornings!  Around noon, we WOKE the boys up and got to opening presents.  lol  Here are some photos:

That is not a skunk in the photo - just our skunk-colored Pekingese.  lol

Andy ordered Black shoes with purple swirl and we got the right box, but these pink shoes were in the box instead.  Love them, but not practical.   I have a slight affinity for all things purple.  lol   Will return and exchange for these:

 This banner can be sent back when the Sooners win more National Championships and the dates will be embroidered on.  When the banner is full (from all the National Championship wins in the future (LOL), the company will redo the banner entirely!)

 Moved all the dog beds into the dining room and stacked them.  Sweety thought - COOL!  I'll be the princess and the pea!

 Sage had to interrupt the show to see just what was going on - give her approval!

We tried to get more photos of Holt but he wasn't cooperative.  Imagine that.  lol

Merry Christmas everyone!  We sure missed being with family this year. 



  1. What handsome sons! And Hubby! Merry Christmas, Cheri!

  2. Happy holidays! Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas! Your pekinese stole the show!

  3. Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas together. Your sons are very handsome and your puppies are adorable.
    My hubby is originally from OK, so go Sooners!

  4. Wonderful Christmas photos - handsome family! But my favorite photo is the one of the Sooners banner! My husband and I both graduated from OU in the '80's. Boomer Sooner! :-)


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