Monday, March 28, 2011

Cute Crochet Bunny

I thought I'd try to do a little bunny.....and this is my first attempt.  I had trouble with the pattern (Yawn...old story, eh?) so I tweaked it a bit.  I'm pretty happy with it.....

The way the variegated yarn had that white at the back end is a little annoying... you never know what color will go where.

Next go round, I want the ears taller and narrower and more defined bunny feet.

Does it look like a bunny to you? 



  1. Definitely looks like a bunny to me and I love the colors you chose. It's fun tweaking or trying different yarns, etc. with patterns.

  2. Yes, It def looks like a bunny..and it's a cute bunny at that :) Hope you are well :) Take care!


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