Friday, March 25, 2011

The Perfect Makeup Travel Compact

Guess what?  My mother has a discount to JcPenney after many years of faithful service and guess what is in many JCPenney's?  Sephora!!  On a recent trip, we were able to visit one.  Yay!
As we were looking around, there was a section of small samples or purse sized items and I saw this compact and stopped in my tracks.  Currently, my purse makeup bag is just overflowing with things AND I don't ever have all that I wish  I did.  Anyone with that problem?

I saw this and said, "This is it!! Everything I could possibly need AND every color I might be wearing!"  I could be having a "neutral" day or a "purple" day and I'm set for touch-ups.  What could be better?

Yes, it is a TRIO!

First, the Eye Shadows:

Then Lip sticks and Glosses:

And can you believe it - Blush and Bronzer!

I wanted to show how compact this is!

And lucky me, my sister got me a great Sephora travel makeup brush kit for Christmas this year.  So, I'm set!

I got the last one of these compacts at the JCPenney Sephora we were was in the middle of the store near the counter where all the smaller sized samples and items were.  

And guess how much?  (Value $55......)

$15.  (Full price, I got a discount.....thanks Mom!)  For all that makeup!

Here is the link on the Sephora website:

This is the travel brush set my wonderful sister got me:

Sephora Face and Eye Travel Set

Oh, and I was able to get to a Victoria Secret and get that lipstick I mentioned in this post - Victoria Secret Hot Spot and the Milani 3D Glitzy Glamour Gloss in Fashion Diva.  I am in LOVE with the gloss.....the lip stick is quite pigmented and I will wear for special occasions.  But GORGEOUS.  I will do a post soon with swatches and photos!  Meanwhile, check out CVS and get this will love it!




  1. Love those colors and brushes!! Huge Sephora fan ... I have to hold myself back when I walk by there, because if I don't, a HUGE magnet pulls me in, and I end up spending WAY too much moola. :) Becca

  2. What a tip! I had no idea they were in JCP. Love their tinted moisturizers. M.


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