Thursday, March 17, 2011

High End Face Mask with Unbelievable Savings

Yes, you read that right!!!  I was watching some You Tube videos the other day, and a beauty gal mentioned that the KollagenX  24K Gold facial masks were on sale at TJ Maxx for $29.99 for 3 of them!  These same masks are used in high end salons and the visits start at $150!

Here is some info on the KollagenX mask:

Active Ingredients

Collagen, 24NM Gold Grains, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E, Rose Essential Oil,
Amino Acid, Foliage Extract Essence, Vitamin Active Gene, Purified Water
US Patent Pending / Registered Trademark

I looked REALLY cute with it on for 30 minutes!

Spooky, isn't it!  lol  It is really slippery but felt like velvet.  My skin was beautiful the next morning.  I guess the collagen mask is something else.  And why salons can get away with charging so much!

I also found the under eye patches at another store for $14.99!  Used those last night and this morning, my under eye area is so smooth!

If you desire a spa treatment without the spa price, look for these at your local TJ Maxx!  (I haven't found them at Marshall's.)

Added:  I had to put this picture on since it is creeping out my sister!  Love ya Sis!


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  1. Thanks Cheri, your the best. I haven't been getting out much lately, been having a really bad flare. So you sharing this info is great, I can actually send DH to pick it up, he can't refuse since he has pictures to know what he will be looking for...heheheee THANKS!!


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