Sunday, March 6, 2011

Where did I hide it? And what was it?

Seriously.  This is RIDICULOUS.  We were walking through Kroger and I saw a box of Pop Tarts.  I don't eat Pop Tarts anymore but it triggered me to remember that I purchased SOMETHING and then brought it home and hid it.  From my 2 teenage "eat us out of house and home" boys.  Only.......where did I hide it?

And.....what was it that I hid?

I can not remember .......either answer!!!  I could go search my room but what am I looking for????  Obviously something yummy and something I think wouldn't last long enough for me to remember we had it.  So what did I do?   Not only hid it so well I haven't run across it, but I can't even remember I did it.  Or what it was.  Was it last week?  I think it would have been 2 weeks ago, last payday.  Or the payday before that.  

ARGHHHHH!!!!  Has this ever happened to you?

Oh yoohoo.....whatever it is I hid.....if I were you.....where would I be???????????



  1. Thats funny! When I was cleaning out my sewing room a while back I found a box of peanut butter Girl Scout cookies in the middle of my yarn basket. I had hid them from my husband the previous year. Totally forgot about them.

  2. I came across your blog on a blog hop and I am so excited I did. I have been looking for craft inspired hops and you have a whole page of them. I am a new follower have a great Monday


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