Thursday, March 24, 2011

Rue La La Love!

They're here!!!  My wonderful shoes from Rue La La!  

The original full price on these shoes is over $130.  Sanita Bridget

Due to nerve damage and balance issues, I exclusively wear Dansko and Sanita brand clogs.   This brand is amazing and many medical professionals wear them due to the comfort and posture correcting can wear them for many hours and not have any foot fatigue.  (Dansko and Sanita used to be the same company until they split. Sanita clogs now run a smidge wider, so I ordered a size down than I normally wear in Dansko.) 

But what is the exciting part here is the PRICE I paid for these brand new, current style shoes! 


Here is proof of their current price:




I could go on.  The point I'm making is......Rue La La had the lowest price by far!

Have you checked out Rue La La yet?  It is a daily boutique sale site.....each day, different companies offer their products at deep discounts.  You never know what will be next.   You can check a week at a time what is coming up....but if you have something you would love (and perhaps already buy but would like a deep discount) is likely to be up soon.

Here is how it works:

1.  You sign up for free.

2.  You receive a daily email showing what sales are available today.  If uninterested, delete and wait for tomorrow.

3.  If you find something you would love (and after you recover from the low low price!), order and do not fret.  If you are unhappy for any reason, most items can be returned.  Working with the Rue La La "Concierge" customer service is a dream.  I have returned a few items and it was a painless, expedient process.

I have purchased shoes, skin care products and clothing....all items I would normally purchase but got in on the great savings.  I look forward to the daily emails...if for nothing else to keep abreast of current styles and prices to help me with my frugal plans!

I was not paid in any way to post about this company.....I just personally love them and am thrilled this company was recommended to me.  You will be too!  In fact, I thought my sister knew about 

and I found out she did not - she was not happy I failed to tell her about this Sanita sale.  (She didn't see my blog post!)  My mom, sister and I all wear Dansko/Sanita shoes.  Love them!  And at $120 and up, we LOVE a good sale!

If you'd like to check out Rue La La for yourself, just click on my referral link and get started.  It is 100%, no obligation in any way.  If at any time, you wish to stop receiving the daily emails, just unsubscribe.  It's that simple!  (But be aware your budget will increase if you do so!)  lol

Have fun and save money!



  1. I signed up for it!!! I can't wait to see what kind of deals i got headed my way!

  2. Ha HA! Cheri. How strange. Yesterday I bought a pair of clogs made by Sanita at my local TKMaxx bargain too, sooo lovely and comfy. Different style to yours but seriously cool! Never heard of them before.

  3. I just skimmed what happened to you....I don't know what you're going through, but I know someone who has similiar problems...I couldn't help but cry...I'm so happy that you have a family to help you through all this mess!


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