Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Daddy got braces!

Before I start, why does my family run from me when they see me coming with a camera? lol

As I mentioned before, HERE and HERE, Andy found out he needed braces. He thought it would be several more weeks before he would get them "installed", but he got a call Tuesday morning with a recent cancellation and could he come right in?

He did and here he is. He got them so fast, we weren't able to get a "before" picture. I'm sure he's crushed thinking about that. lol

First, I am so sorry this is somewhat blurry. I really thought this one was OK. Chasing him around made me a little jittery. lol He has the "next generation" Invisalign (clear, invisible braces) on the top teeth and "regular" braces on the bottom. So far, the Invisalign are kicking his rear much more pain. Doc said that the Invisalign move your teeth much faster than traditional braces. He currently has in his possession the next 8 weeks worth of Invisalign appliances....he changes them every 2 weeks. The appliances move the teeth really quickly and then "hold" them in place until the 2 weeks are up and the next appliance is put in.

Invisalign Info.

He must remove the appliance when he eats but replace it after brushing his teeth. So far, that isn't driving him crazy. I think it would me. He says the most pain is putting the appliance back in after eating - horrible pain. He can look forward to that for a few days every 2 weeks, apparently.

The bottom teeth aren't bothering him too much, just trying to get used to how they "feel" on his lower lip.

Who knew that at 46, he'd be getting braces again? Not us, that's for sure! We'll have to see who handles it better, Dad or our 16 year old who also currently has braces, too. lol Share/Bookmark

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  1. You're never too old to take care of yourself, after all; teeth included. They look quite nice; do they match with your 16-year old's braces? Nowadays, it's not really strange to see people with braces, although it's still a bit uncomfortable when you're just starting it out. Still, with patience and care it'll soon feel like part of the set of the natural teeth.


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