Thursday, May 28, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Friday - Children's Rooms

Kelly over at Kelly's Korner Blog has her room tour this week with Children's Rooms or Nurseries. Since my kids are almost grown, I thought I'd share something interesting, or maybe ODD would be a better word! lol

Our youngest son Holt has always done things his own way - he loves dark, small spaces.....we've often thought he was part "bat". We also hope his future wife isn't claustophobic! lol

What is THAT, you ask? lol I KNOW it is ugly, but that kid would not let me decorate it!! I begged and begged!! lol

This was created after WEEKS of Holt sleeping in 2 utility boxes retrofitted together. Yes, I said UTILITY BOXES. I requested Andy build him something that would give this crazy kid privacy, but NOT be made out of cardboard. Little did I know he would pick MDF (that stuff is crazy heavy!!), but I digress.....

Found a photo of the utility boxes...

We called it "The condo". It was on stilts with removable sides. The very end had doors that shut magnetically. He could also enter the bed from underneath - you see the ottoman under there? Just at the base of the mattress, there is a large opening through which he could go up or down (or he could use those end doors - whatever he felt like doing.) Also, notice the TV in the upper left corner? Holt could sit in bed and watch TV, play video games to his heart's content.

We lined it with leopard fleece - Holt likes things SOFT, the softer the better. He also had quite a fascination with pillows, and usually had at least 10 or more at one time. Some day I will share a post on how I believe Holt and I both have Sensory Integration Disorder, and soft things comfort both of us.

Here is a photo (with my nephews) from years ago (3 or 4?) and Holt has his game controller in his hands. Notice the light above his head?? He could read in bed, also. This photo shows the side panels removed (there were 3 panels across the side). You can see the little squares of commercial velcro - that is how the sides were connected. Holt would have been happy with non-removable sides, but I had a fit and required there be a way to breathe. lol

Holt finally outgrew this monstrosity, errrr......I mean "neat bed". lol I wasn't too sad to dismantle this, but I think he was. I am sure that if he hadn't grown to over 6 feet tall, he would still be sleeping in it. lol

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  1. Not gonna lie, that bed is awesome! =) But I'm strange too.

    I had a friend who put his queen bed in his closet, taking up wall to wall so that he could have complete darkness. He then turned his bedroom into a media room so that he could open the closet door and enjoy the TV from his bed.

    Boys will be boys!

  2. That bed is not beautiful, but I'm sure Holt thought it was the coolest thing ever! How cute! I liked to play in huge refrigerator boxes when I was little! Thanks for sharing!

  3. This is hilarious. This reminds me of something my husband had in the frat house in college. So Colk could very well go back to something like this some day!

  4. So funny! I totally appreciate how you as parents honored your son's personality in this way- I bet he'll remember that as much as the fun bed!

  5. I have a background in occupational therapy. When you described your sons preferences it immediately made me think of SI disorder. I'm impressed that you took his needs into consideration even though it is quite unconventional. What a cool little "nest."

  6. I have to agree with the previous commenter. What great parents you are!

    Our family is a big mess of sensory issues; it's like a circus around here. My son and I are very sensitive, and my husband and daughter are the opposite. So you have two people who are loud and active and banging into stuff, with the other two hiding from them. lol

    Until our daughter went through some evaluations, we'd never heard of sensory integration dysfunction. Although I don't like to call it that. It seems like we all have a touch of it!


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