Thursday, May 14, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Friday - Guest Rooms

Kelly over at Kelly's Korner is continuing her fabulous home tours with Guest Rooms this week. Here's you go:

Our current rent house and cozy guest room. I'm sure I got the bedding at TJMaxx or Marshall's.

My husband made this dresser when he was in high school. Isn't it awesome?

nd keeping it real, here is the mirror that will hang over the bed someday. lol I LOVE this mirror.

Here are the guest rooms from our former home:

Love the soothing colors in this room, and love that iron piece on the wall!! There are the crisp and clean "staging" photos prior to selling the house. Wish I had taken more close-up photos.

Never did have a sweet little girl for this cotton candy pink room. Darn!

Are you new to the tours and want to see rooms from other weeks? Here you go:

Living Rooms ...... .......... Kitchens

Thanks for stopping by!!

Cheri Share/Bookmark


  1. Lovely rooms.... i love the decoration pieces!

  2. Hi Cheri--
    Thanks for stopping by my blog...I love when you stop by :)
    Your husband made that dresser?!!! AWESOME! I think he did a great job :)
    Your guestroom is nice. I like your decorating.
    Have a great day Cheri...

  3. Thanks for sweet comment on my navy guest room! It's so nice to hear feedback. Your guest room is lovely too.

    - Emily

  4. I love that dresser, it's beautiful!


  5. Very pretty, thanks for the tour!

  6. Wow your hubby made tht. Awesome!

  7. Pretty rooms Cheri!
    I too adore your new mirror. :)

  8. Your house is so pretty -- and CLEAN! :-) and spacious! I love it - thanks for having us!

  9. I think we are ALL amazed at your handy husband and what he was able to make in HIGH SCHOOL!! Talk about talent! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Thanks for stopping my my blog! I honestly can't remember what color that was on our walls, but it does look a lot like your room! I loved it too and hated to paint over it when we turned the room into a nursery. You have a very pretty home! :o)

  11. That dresser is just plain awesome! Very pretty rooms - thanks for sharing!

  12. The dresser is so neat- he could certainly do that professionally!

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