Thursday, May 7, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Friday - Living Rooms

Kelly at Kelly's Korner started this wonderful home tour online. Click the link above to visit her site.

Had so much fun last week with kitchens! Before we go forward, I must reiterate a few things:

  • I am crazy hyper.
  • I love to decorate.
  • I was a real estate agent with a staging certification.
  • I love color and may need a color intervention.
  • I must rearrange my furniture every 6 months for perfect sanity.
  • You can click on most photos to see them even larger!
Here are my living rooms, lol.

Current rent house:

We were thrilled when we saw that the paint would match our furniture. I LOVE our red couch!!

We keep our furniture in this position because, although you can't see it well, back by that Ficus tree is my "chair", where I have lived for the last year, prior to my SCS - spinal cord stimulator. It has an adjustable laptop chair that pulls up to it for my laptop. I can be fully reclined (as I am right now) and be working on the Internet. I also have my printer next to my chair, but I keep a gold material over it to blend with the wall.

Hang on..........don't go away. Continue to scroll for the craziness! Do you like color? 'Cause here we go........

This was the living room on the main floor. We originally went with a more formal decor. Beautiful furniture but not so comfy. We later went more casual, as you will see in later photos.

Our living rooms from the previous home we owned - my favorite! Now to recap: We lived in this home for just under 3 years and I am always in the mood for redecorating. Please try to not get confused as you watch all the paint color on the walls change, the carpet change, the furniture either move around or completely change.

We loved the coffered ceiling in this room and the tan painted between the rafters.

The red decorations on the mantle I still do own. Long story with those, suffice it to say they were way over my budget and I drooled from afar. My best friend had enough, bought one for a house warming present and told me to get my butt up there and buy the other one because she was done hearing about it. lol So there you go!

Couldn't handle that tan color in the office and had to change it this beautiful color called Carob Chip from Pittsburgh Paints. My laptop hid behind that floral arrangement/greenery depending on the picture.

This office is my all-time most favorite room EVER.

Then we knew we were moving south, and obviously needed to neutralize the place a bit! lol We put in neutral carpet and painted the walls a much lighter color. We also took the opportunity to make more of a casual living space. We sold the beautiful desk in the office to a former client of mine. I hope she loves it as much as I did!

Almost any accessory you see probably came from Marshalls or TJ Maxx. I made most of the floral arrangements, thanks to Hobby Lobby having 50% off floral stems frequently! When we moved down south, we had a huge garage sale and I sold most everything I owned. I know, it was crazy. I was in severe pain and heavily medicated. Really my only good excuse. I miss most of those accessories. And I'm slowly, ever so slowly, buying nice inexpensive replacements. Remember, I'm disabled and no longer work. lol

This home had a second living room and here are those photos - notice all the wallpaper. I loved that wallpaper and left it up. Normally, as a stager/real estate agent, I would say take it down. lol

That wall unit is actually built in. Made of a lightweight material and then faux painted.

And a few pertinent details: We purchase most of our furniture in Oklahoma City, where you can find awesome deals with 1/2 the price anywhere else. Other items came from a store my mother worked at and had her store discount. (She lived with us for over 2 years.) When we change decor, we sell our items at upscale furniture consignment stores and usually make almost exactly what we paid back!! Trick is to shop for bargains to begin with.

OK, I'm exhausted. Are you?? lol

Thanks for visiting - I can't wait to see everyone else's living spaces!!

Have a great day!

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  1. I love your bold choices in colors! Very brave and they turned out beautiful!

  2. Roomba is awesome if you don't have pets. Minus the fact that he scratches floorboards and furniture. It gets great pet ratings, and those people obviously don't own pets. He just balls the fur up all over the floor like when you need to change your dryer vent. Doesn't actually suck it up. I guess he's not so awesome unless you're pet free and have industrial strength furniture... But it's nice not having to do the work. We're definitely getting a good vacuum for the new house, but only our bedrooms will be carpeted, the rest is tile which will be so nice.

  3. Hey Cheri--You are very talented at decorating--I especially loved the office also. I'm bummed that you got rid of that gorgeous desk. It appears that we have more in common than the tallness you referred to. I had back surgery years ago and was basically in bed for a year. Here's hoping that God and the doctors will perform miracles for you and that you will be up and "atem" in no time. Thanks for stopping by my place. Sincerely, D.

  4. I LOVE your use of color! No intervention necessary! Just beautiful! You have a gift!

    Mrs. Nurse Boy

  5. Your bright colors are bold and beautiful~! Love your style!!

  6. I never imagined having a "theater" screen, but it's fun and i'm glad we have it! I adore your red couch! It's fabulous and i'm jealous!

  7. I love your colors-I wish I was that brave...they look amazing!

  8. Thanks for your compliments on my living room! I loved the points you "reiterated" at the beginning. Sounds alot like me! That is a great red couch!

  9. I get a lot of my accessories at TJMAXX, Ross, and Marshalls too. I love the eggplant colored wall!

  10. Thanks for sharing your memorial blog for your babies. I too get my though the pain of the loss of my babies knowing that God has them in his arms now, and that I will be with them again one day in heaven.

    Yes, my puppy Romie is a purebred Pekingese. Sable (silver) color. I love her so much; she is the best type of dog!

    By the way - I love your purple office! My husband and I are building a new house right now - moving-in in 3 weeks, and I am going to do my Laundry Room in a deep purple. It's a fun color!

    Happy Mother's Day!

  11. Thanks for stopping by my house. :)

    I love the red couches! They are awesome!

  12. I love all your bold color choices! I love color too! Loved taking the tour! Thanks for sharing!

  13. BTW...the painting technique I used on my wall included glaze, plastic drop cloth, & a wall paper brush! It was a painstaking long job...but I would do it all over again if I had to!

  14. Love, love, love that blue/teal color in the living room!

  15. Hi Cheri!
    Thanks for your comment on my blog... you are very kind. By the way, you asked if our floor was slate, it's not... it's just a ceramic tile... we love it!
    Getting to peek at your living room(s) was so fun! I love the color in your other house, and I love the way you have it now too. That desk is to die for, and the purple walls are awesome! What a neat room.
    I enjoy following your blog. Oh, and I love the name "Holt"... I've never heard of it before, and I love it. How cool! You have a beautiful family.

  16. Thank you for stopping by for the tour :). It's great to see someone who loves some color too!! I love the ceiling in your Living Room. I also like the new color that you used in the Living Room. I'm looking for something similar to use in my bedroom. To answer your question... our great room paint color is Benjamin Moore HC-51 "Audubon Russet". The lighter tan/taupe walls in the hallway area is HC-25 "Quicy Tan" and then we did the dining room in a darker taupe called "Woodstock Tan" and "Tate Olive" in the kitchen.

    This is tons of fun and I'm getting some great ideas! Happy Mother's Day :)

  17. Great rooms! I love the colors and you did a wonderful job with the floral arrangements!! Thanks for stopping by and saying hi!!!

  18. the wall unit is great. Did you build it yourself? Do you have the plans? My wife saved this picture and wants me to build one. I am in need of some help. Any info you can give me would be great.

  19. Loved the color in the living room with the red couch. Looks like a gold color. I too have red sofas and love color. I would love to paint my living room that color too. What brand and color is it.We are thinking of painting it before xmas.


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