Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Antique Shopping Surprise

Both our boys were out of town, so we ran off for a little getaway to Nashville....and went junking in antique shops.  I was noticing all the ceramic dogs when I noticed one was MOVING.  Ha! 

THIS is the dog I meant to get before I ended up with a high shedding, high yapping, high opinion of herself Pekingese.  Japanese Chins are no-shed, no-yap, yumminess!

See the ceramic dog??

This little sweety is 3.2 lbs and full grown.  Ahhh..............

This "Sweety" was inappropriately named......

But she she was little.  Maybe a cute only a momma could love?  lol

Holt is so little!!!

Most Pekingese are not black with skunk white tails.......she's special!



  1. How cute! At first I thought that little shop dog was a Papillion. I have a little Lhasa/random terrier mix. He is my little Rusty and he is wound so tightly, I am surprised he is not inside-out by now. Like yours, he is yapping, self-opinionated but add pees in the house. But he wins me over time and again with his cute moments.....


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