Saturday, April 30, 2011

Keeping it Real - Beauty Salon Mishap

Well, my dear readers, I've been MIA this week due to an unexpected incident at a spa......I had a coupon for a glycolic peel and had that done last Monday.  I have had 3 of these before (at a different salon in a different state) so had NO reason to worry of any kind.

This salon is state of the art and super nice.....and all went well didn't.  My pain tolerance is freaky high, so I did not feel anything alarming.  However, once I got home, I wondered why my face looked like THAT.  (And thinking back, during the peel, the lady kept putting the light really close and really examining my skin, while claiming all was well.  I think she was waiting for me to freak out with pain complaints, but since I didn't, she kept going.)  All of my doctors can tell you waiting for MY pain to be any indication of a situation is a lost battle and a misuse of time.....

By the evening when hubs came home, he F.R.E.A.K.E.D. out.  I got up to go look at my face and it was NOT good.  NOT good.  Here is a little snippet....I won't show my entire face because you won't sleep tonight if I do:

Imagine that ALL OVER my face.  Yeah.  I really had a panicked moment, with my face not only visibly awful but swollen and "texturized"?  I really had a compassion moment for folks who deal with very severe acne...and frankly realized how shallow I am, I guess.......Praying that my skin would return to normal.  

I called the salon the next day to inquire what I should be doing to be safe from infection.  They had me come right in to see their medical aesthetician.  Wellll....let's just say,.....after everyone got done flipping out and tending to me, I walked out with over $150 in FREE product, including tons of skin care products and a mineral makeup I can wear safely while I wait up to 3 heal.

At first, they suspected a bad burn or bacterial reaction.  We now know it was an allergic reaction. Who me?  The girl who is allergic to chicken and turkey and other odd things?  Well, yes.  Figures.

I used all their different products with very little success UNTIL I went back to using my standard Simply Divine Botanical products.  You know, yawn.........I just go on and on and on about how wonderful they are but HELLO!  They have healed THAT situation up there  in that photo!!  My skin looks 10 times better in only 24 hours.

I got to reading on my SDB bottles and the toner actually says:

"Use for enlarged pores, cuts, rashes, and sunburn too."

I have somewhat of a burn, yes?  Woo Hoo!
Ladies, I have used the Gypsy Rose Tea Toner/Astringent, the Black Velvet Fabulous Foaming Cleanser and the Melon Medley, a WONDERFUL blend of oils that my skin just soaks right up....

After all the other products......these wonderful, natural 100% chemical free skin care creations did the trick.  It WON'T be 3 weeks...I can just tell.

Here is my face 2 days after using these natural products exclusively:

Pictures don't really capture the intense difference....but I am VERY relieved.

If you have not tried Simply Divine Botanical products yet, what are you waiting for??  Have you seen my skin in my OTHER photos?? I am 44 people!!  It is this company that I credit......

Cleanser and Foam Bottle.  They also have a formula for oily/acne-prone skin.

This is the toner I use twice a day and cannot live without.  The Rose spray I use multiple times a day - just spritz on to set my makeup and add hydration throughout the day.  Feels lovely and smells divine.

Skincredible (my rosacea disappeared with this product!) and the Melon Medley, which I credit for healing this mess so quickly.  My skin just soaks it in but it is NOT acne-producing.

I don't live near a retailer so I purchase mine online and have pretty much tried almost every product.  I reacted to the "Pack Your Bags They're Leaving" Eye gel (darn allergies) but everything else has been amazing.  DEFINITELY buy the sample pack (or individual samples) first go round, as they don't take returns unless something is defective.  I HIGHLY recommend the seaweed products as well.  Here are the sample packs:

Seaweed products, used in conjunction with each other.
My favorite body lotions/creams....the Body Cream is more "normal" consistency with what you are used to.  The Butter Me Up is VERY thick, like hardened butter.  I put it in my hands, rub them together to warm them up and then apply.  This has healed allergic breakouts on my arms and legs.

The Honey I Shrunk The Kids is an AMAZING skin polish - it looks like raspberry jam and smells like it too.  I use it 2-3 times a week for 15 minutes, then rinse off.  The Peel Me A Papaya is a dry mixture of oatmeal, coconut milk, papaya and other products that you use to exfoliate your face, make a mask, and rinse off.  Skin is SO soft after use.

Almost forgot these 3 face creams....Amazing Face is an excellent day moisturizer.  Creme de Rose is Barbara's first "baby" and is excellent on moisturizing, healing AND skin regeneration. Rose du Jour is a light, rose scented cream perfect whenever you need a little hydration.

I could go on and on about this company and well, I have!  Ha!   Read HERE.   I beg you to go read the ingredients on her've never seen anything like it!   

I don't know how this company hasn't offered me free products for all my testimonials but this is my unpaid, unbiased opinion.  I will NEVER be without these products.  Oh, and don't be alarmed at the cost...each products lasts FOREVER!! I have had the Melon Medley and the Skincredible for over a year now.  The other products last around 6 months (the seaweed spray lasts 3 months with my usage... love it!)  I also recommend getting the foaming bottle to go with the cleanser.......under tools on the website.

Anyhoo...I hope to be able to post photos soon of my newly healed, younger looking skin (I ended up with quite a peel too!  lol)  Speaking of that, I'm gonna get up and go spray some Pure Rose Distillate on for hydration....toodles!!



  1. Oh my goodness Cheri,that's terrible. Thank goodness your skin car products are taking care of it. I've never heard of that product line, it sounds great. Take care, I hope your as good as new soon.

  2. Oh my Gosh! I would have raised a hell if it happened to me! I must say that I have never (ever) been to a beauty salon so my experience in this field is non-existent so I don't know what glycolic peel is. I use organic peels (prepare them myself). Hope you get better soon!

  3. I thought about going ballistic but I was trying to stay calm to keep my husband calm (he doesn't tend to handle things like this well....) and because I all sweet and love, I scored with all the free product. lol With allergies, you never can tell. If they had done something wrong, it would have been a different story. I guess I need to call the other salon and find out exactly WHAT products they use and only find salons who use them. I do use my own natural peels, but had gotten SO unbelievably flaky, I wanted one good but mild peel. Ah well.....

  4. Oh, my goodness, Cheri!! I can't believe how horrid your skin looks! It looks like someone beat you within an inch of your life!! I'm sure the salon was VERY concerned when they saw you!!

    I'm so glad your products are taking care of you...I would have been like you...concerned about infection. I had a nail technician cut my finger with her Dremel tool once and I really freaked because I was thinking of all the germs floating around that place.

    I have not heard of those products but will be checking them out. I love natural products like that - I think they are just better for us.

    Take care and have a blessed weekend!

    God bless you - Julie

  5. I just had to come back and tell you that I checked out the products and they actually sell them in a store in my town! Yay! I'll definitely check them out next time I'm in there. Thanks for telling us about them.

    God bless you - Julie

  6. Ouch. Isn't it great that skin regenerates? So glad we were created that way. Hope yours heals in double-quick time.

  7. Cheri do you know what ingredient caused the allergic reaction?

  8. Cheri I am so sorry you had to go through this with your precious face, But so happy that you are taking care of it with what you already have and how well it has worked.I have been on the website for SDB and I am going back over right now and ordering my Sample Kit..So excited to get started with it. I am soon to be 47 and just can't find products to give me enough moisture...You have a wonderful blessed week my friend.

  9. I came over to read about your beautiful blue stitched flower and then saw the comment about your skin reaction and had to follow the link to this post. I am so far behind on blog reading but with the show behind me I'mmmmmmmm BACK. :)
    I told you that you have fabulous skin. How scary and painful and let's face it, a bit awkward. You poor thing. I have never heard of these products but I am definitely intrigued if they will make me look like you! So happy to see you are feeling better and looking like your gorgeous self again.


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