Monday, April 11, 2011

Revisiting the KollagenX Masks

A few weeks ago, I told you about some amazing masks called KollagenX Rejuvenating 24K Gold Mask that have been available at area TJ Maxx stores and I DID find one at a Marshall's recently.  Both the entire facial mask and the eye masks.  I had heard from a You Tube blogger that one of my favorite beauty gals at You Tube, Tammy at uppiesbeads59, spends upwards of $125-150!!!!!!!!! getting this mask at a professional salon facial.   For ONE!  These packages contain 3 facial masks and 4 eye masks (depending on which one you get).  Can you believe that?  So if Tammy buys one package at TJ Maxx, she saves $420.01 and that is only assuming ONE use, when we know you can get at least 2 uses per mask, giving 6 uses per $29.99??  Are ya following me here?????

Remember these lovely photos:

This product:
Reduces:  melanin production and helps maintain a fair skin complexion. 

Retains:  youthful looking skin by reducing free radical damage to the skin.

Stimulates:  blood circulation for increased nutrient delivery to the skin.

Replenishes:  collagen to keep our skin supple and radiant.

Nourishes:  the skin with natural moisturizing revitalizing nutrients.
Revitalizes:  the skin through cell regeneration.

Well, that was past tense now that she found THESE for $29.99 (facial mask - For 3!) and $14.99 (eye masks - For 4!).    Full price is unknown, as they are only available at select high end salons!  Also realized I can get multiple uses out of each mask if I seal it up tight and put it in the refrigerator.  Woo Hoo!!

These masks are amazingly hydrating....even had hubs try the eye masks one night.  Not his favorite activity, but hey, he was getting jealous of my soft, youthful appearance.  lol  Not sure if he'll be doing that again, but his eyes WERE softer and smoother after that!
OK, so this gal, Tammy, put up another video describing all kinds of masks that she uses......and she talks about the KollagenX near the end, I want to say it was around the 13:00 minute mark?  So hang in there, but you will learn SO much from this video.  And Tammy, well....she's a hoot.  One beautiful lady who wears her hair long like I do......I've learned a ton from her.  I think you will love her too - here is her mask video:

Go visit Miss Tammy and subscribe - as she says, it's an "Anti-ager"!


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