Wednesday, April 6, 2011

WIP Wednesday

I found the most fun pattern ever!  I love it for a few reasons:

1.  Crochets up really quickly.

2.  Pattern is so need to keep reading the instructions.

3.  Many options for personalization/colors

4.  Gorgeous result.

And get ready..........these photos were taken in my new light box with my.........
iPhone 4!!!!!!!!

You need a light box!!!!!
The notch up at the top is the unfinished thread.........waiting for the 2nd side to be added.  I tucked it under for photo purposes.

This pot holder is halfway done.  There is a second side to it and I can't wait to jazz it up with other colors.  Isn't this the neatest project?  I made this in less than an hour - honestly.  2 months into crocheting........go try this pattern!!  I'm adding this to another project for a friend......and I'm betting she won't see this before I mail it off.  Maybe she'll surprise me.  lol

Free Pattern - Scalloped Pot HolderHERE.

Do you know how I found it?  I ran across Sarah London's blog....and her "iCrochet" page, where folks can add a link to their crochet projects.  It is so inspiring....all those projects.  Check it out!!

I may be joining THESE parties.



  1. Looks really nice! That light box thing...I still think it's amazing! :)

  2. Your light box photos are great. I wish I could but rooms in a light box. Your pot holder is adorable.

  3. Lovely!! Lightbox takes good pics I see..hmm I need one too!!

  4. Aren't you just full of suprises! Who would have thought after only 2 months you'd be such a grand crocheter! Job well done :) Do you have any other crochet projects on the go? Can't wait to see more!!! xxx Take care

  5. Cheri - this is perfect timing! I recently challenged myself to make a beautiful potholder AND to use it (my current potholders are dreadful). Thanks for the great link.
    Your pictures are looking fantastic. Also your crocheting!

  6. You really are creating a lot. Looks good.

  7. Wow those are awesome! My gramma taught me to knit years ago, I'm working on a massive afghan right now, but crocheting looks fun!

  8. I made this potholder, too! I like your colors!! I'm going to have to do another one with various colors, I think. =)

  9. I just want to let you know that I featured your light box from Masterpiece Monday, on "My Top Ten Fav Picks" at Boogieboard Cottage. Thank you for sharing it, it's so clever! Have a nice weekend, Mary :O)

  10. I actually just made a light box myself and love the results. Looks great!

  11. I love Pricilla Hewitt's patterns. This scalloped Potholder pattern is a lovely adaptation of a vintage pattern, if I recall correctly.

    Your potholder came out lovely. I have yet to make the other half of mine. LOL.

    As for iCrochet. It's a terrific way to show off your crochet and get great inspiration from others. Don't miss out. Hope to see you there.


Thanks so much for your lovely comments!